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The Best Motion Control Video Game Systems

Motion control is the new trend in console video gaming. While it does not appeal much to existing hardcore gamers, motion control has gotten many people who otherwise would have no interest in video games to give them a try. The appeal has brought a number of options onto the market, which can prove confusing for the consumer.

Motion control systems

The best-known motion control system for video games is the Nintendo Wii, which came out in 2006 and introduced the world to a whole new way to play. Although the system's hardware was a generation behind the HD XBox 360 and Playstation 3, it became the highest selling system after its release due to the mass appeal of motion control. In 2010, Microsoft and Sony fought back, introducing their own motion control add-ons, the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move. Move uses a wand-like controller to simulate movement and actions, while Kinect appears the most technically advanced. Kinect uses your body as a controller, letting you move through menus and perform actions by performing them in real life. It has proven quite successful, and Microsoft appears to have the lead in motion control game development at the moment. It appears to pick up right as Wii development had started to fall off. Wii has a much larger library of games due to the four year head start, but more new games appear headed for the Kinect.

Motion control adds a whole new dimension to game play. Depending on the system you use, you can now begin to do the things you used to imagine you were doing in the game yourself. People of all ages with all different levels of experience are playing together today, in large part due to the magic of motion control.